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Stephen is the most sought-after marriage crisis specialist in the United Kingdom.
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He is a popular choice among business executives, entrepreneurs, judges, and celebrities.

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This is a specialist divorce prevention service with head office in London. It’s focused specifically on helping couples that could be heading for separation, or a divorce that want to discover if it’s the right solution.

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Stephen is an internationally valued marriage in crisis expert to couples around the globe –

Stephen is popular with CEOs, Business Owners, Judges, Bankers, Lawyers, Celebrities, Psychologists, Doctors, Royalty, Actors and their husbands and wives.

If your marriage fails what are the consequences?

The largest problem is the recurrence of hidden patterns in subsequent partnerships.

This is why it’s so difficult to figure out why the marriage fell apart.

During the divorce process, the persons involved are emotionally torn apart by the decisions made by others about their assets and children.

Their children may be at risk for developing long-term mental health issues that only become apparent in adulthood.

The cost of ending a marriage and beginning a new one, as well as the legal expenditures, is always greater than people expect.
For the next 12 weeks, I’ll show you if your marriage is salvageable. 
Men and women might lose daily touch with their own children when they pass them from one parent to the next. Their children’s futures and morals are at stake when new partners join their lives.

It’s even worse that many couples believe divorce is the best option, but they don’t know why. When people don’t know why their marriage collapsed, they run the danger of bringing their same issues into their new relationships.

These feelings are compounded by the fact that they can lead to feelings of being trapped as well as resentment and a lack of respect.

When a relationship breaks down, family mediation is the quickest and cheapest approach to resolve conflicts.

While the sessions can be difficult, they are also an empowering experience because the clients are in charge of the talks and decisions made.
Mediation provides clients control over the process as well as the outcome.

Most importantly, mediation has emotional advantages.
It provides a secure, neutral, and private setting in which to be heard and understood.
Mediation allows clients to part with dignity, leaving behind their past struggles and committing to moving forward successfully.
If there are children in the household, this is a significant outcome. Miams mediation services

Some of our customers have been nice enough to offer their assistance to you since they were previously in your position.

Home life had become hostile

Tim and I went to visit Stephen because our relationship seemed to be stuck in an uncomfortable rut that neither of us could figure out how to break out of.

Over the course of several years, feelings of hostility and resentment seeped into our household, affecting our children and making everyone miserable.
Stephen worked with us for three months. It's hard to put into words how Stephen works, but he has a tremendous grasp of human behaviour, cognition, and emotion.

Our expectations have been surpassed by the results. In the hopes of ending our relationship's downward spiral, we had wanted to climb out of the rut we had fallen into.

I don't want to sound sappy or odd, but Stephen seemed to have entirely refocused our hearts and thoughts.

Stephen is an excellent value and Tim and I are appreciative for his help.

----- Tim and Jenny

Total Communication breakdown

Dear Stephen, thank you for your kind words.

We were able to diffuse tensions that existed only in our heads and weren't really genuine for either of us because of your support in understanding one another.

Thanks to the aid we received from working together, our relationship is in a much better position and will now take just us to communicate, comprehend and resolve.

Thank you for your kind words.

As a group, you may not always be able to come up with the solution. Because of this, Stephen is definitely your best bet if you're in need of direction and want someone else to speak out for what's right in your heart.

Stephen, thank you. We're all right. We're in a relationship, and we're both growing.*

----- Grace and Dany

Who uses this service?

The CEOs, Business Owners, Judges, Bankers and Lawyers who have worked with us for the past 15+ years have included actors, nobility, and their spouses and partners.

They’ve been directed to our unique service in search of the greatest guidance for their relationship.

As a result of so much discontent, many were eager to find out whether or not their marriages might be saved.

All of these couples came to me with a wide range of emotions and specific marital issues. Some were emotionally numb and depressed, while others were lost, frustrated, and enraged.